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Apr 19, 2018

Preorder Alvin the Complex Master 5.25-inch PVC Figure by ANATOY


PREORDER ships May 2018

ANATOY researcher “Alvin” is a complex master who transplants ANATOY complex-overcoming items into his body to test their side effects before they are delivered to clients. He is our first ANATOY.

size: 5.25" inches
highly articulated
materials: PVC & ABC
designed in South Korea by ANATOY

ANATOY is about the complex.

ANATOY is an Art Toy that brings the concept of anatomy to toys and talks about the mental or physical complexes that everybody has but hardly get people’s understanding.

People set goals and make steady efforts to overcome their complexes, but it is not as easy as they think. We have a number of characters who have their own complexes. They are offered a wide range of experiment suggestions at ANATOY Market (ATM) so that they can overcome their complexes and lead an ordinary life like others.

This process helps us understand and empathize with many different complexes of ourselves and others that all of us do not want to show. What we at ANATOY want is help people to have a better and deeper understanding of complexes things that everybody lives with and how one embraces them.

Monkey King 8-inch Vinyl Figure by JT Studio PREORDER ENDS MONDAY


JT Studio just released the 8-inch vinyl Monkey King art toys at a show in Asia and he says they sold like hotcakes! So he only has a very limited number that he can allot to us. Our preorder window for these ends on Monday April 23rd, so definitely get your preorder in before then!

Just Arrived: Funko Hikari XS Marvel Hulk 2-piece set red & green sparkly vinyl



Hikari XS: Marvel Hulk (Red & Green)

Shown in a glittery red and green the Hulk is the latest Hikari XS 2-pack! Act fast as this 2-pack is limited to 750 pieces!

This is a 2-piece window boxed set containing two 4" tall vinyl figures.

Apr 18, 2018

Wang Deluxe Version 1:6-Scale Action Figure Set by JT Studio In Stock Now


Part of the Street Mask series, designed & handmade by Jei Tseng. Limited to 399 sets.

WANG, Guardian of Crazy D in An Ping, protector who have dream not to be crush by Night M. ever since his young he been living in Tainan Anping with the culture of Jian Shi, he have a deep bonding with Jian Shi culture. In legend Jian Shi can protect people from evil, but day pass by everyone living in modern era Jian Shi culture is getting faded away slowly, WANG try to protect and keep the Jian Shi culture from forgotten by modern era, he put on Jian Shi mask and go around to compete in KENDAMA competition and keep the world the Jian Shi culture on going and not to be forgotte.

This set is drop shipped from Taiwan.

Product details:

JT Tattoo Body x1
Head x1
Mask x1
Kendama Leather Holsters  x2
Cap x1
Shirts x1
Coat x1
Pants x1
Sock x
hands x6
Kendama x3
Stand x1
shoes x2
Designed packing box x1
High:30 cm
Jians x1
Backpack x1 
NOTE: No discounts or coupon codes accepted for JT Studio products.

Tenacious Toys Danger Dog Logo 5-inch Die-Cut Sticker In Stock Now


This is the GIMME FREE SHIPPING sticker!

I'll explain: our US customers get free shipping once the value of their order passes $75 in the shopping cart.

Every once in a while, your cart will have $74 worth of items in it. That's where this sticker comes in: add this to your cart, get it up over $75, and get your free US shipping! We offer this item at cost for your benefit (and ours!)

You can also order this sticker on its own, of course. This one is especially cool on the backside of your car, or the underside of your skateboard.

measures 5" x 4.4" (12.5cm x 11cm)
glossy vinyl
Danger Dog logo by Playful Gorilla

Apr 17, 2018

Cherry Blossom a new custom release from Taylored Curiosities


Taylored Curiosities has three new custom Kidrobot figures, each linked with a Cherry Blossom theme, yet varied with their own personality. A little companion is with each beast and contains a small piece of rose quartz in their tummy (which aids to balance our emotions). These teeny creatures are removable (with the use of extremely tiny magnets). Completed with removable bases, hand cut and varnished (and made from an old family apple tree).

The fourth instalment in this series is a Cherry Blossom themed, tree stump house. This is an original (cast from their sculpt) and then customized to link with the theme. Two little creatures inhabit this dwelling, along with their tiny baby in its acorn cot (the same healing crystals and attaching magnets are used in this piece).

The figures and tree stump house are available now on Taylored Curiosites website.

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