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Dec 10, 2017

Holy shit SDCC owns the term "comic con" now

"a jury in San Diego today decided in favor of Comic-Con International... in its long-running battle with Dan Farr Productions and Bryan Brandenburg, organizers of Salt Lake City Comic Con, over the use of the term "comic con" (or comic convention) as a descriptor for a pop culture fan event.... jury decided that the Comic Con mark is valid and that Salt Lake City used it in a way likely to cause confusion to customers."

"In upholding the trademark, the Court ruling allows SDCC to seek licensing agreements with over 140 events in the US that call themselves comic conventions, or else require those events to rebrand."


I mean, as a toy retailer who exhibits at such events without selling a single comic book, I can't say that a rebranding of say NYCC would harm my toy business. But I can see this being a HUGE FUCKING ISSUE for comic book-centric events around the country. Some of the smaller events like Five Points Fest do not incorporate the term "comic con" into their names... but still... this is going to be a major annoyance for a whole boatload of events who probably already have their own trademarked names, websites, LLCs, etc that incorporate the term comic con...

-Benny Kline

Dec 9, 2017

Wasted Talent 3" Chronic 2001 Buddys Resin Figures Drop December 10 at 4:20pm


In between bong hits, Nasty Neil managed to send us 3 emails with overlapping information.

To the best of our knowledge, here's the info on his highly anticipated 3rd wave of his resin Buddys:

This is Series 3 of my weed inspired Dunnys: The Wasted Talent 3" Chronic 2001 Buddys. All casted in resin and hand painted, signed and numbered on the bottom. Only 25 made. They will be available on 12/10 at 4:20 EST on

Joe Ledbetter The Outsiders Blind Boxed Mini Figures CASE of 24 pieces by Kidrobot in stock now

in stock now -

Not gonna lie, Joe Ledbetter is on my short list of favorite toy designers. Love the animals he creates and the funky comic-book-style heavy black lines and angles.

The Outsiders are 3 inch tall blind boxed mini figures,  made of vinyl. We are selling FULL DISPLAY CASES only, each containing 24 figures.

Dec 8, 2017

Kidrobot Care Bears 6-inch vinyl Funshine Bear by Julie West in stock now

in stock now  -

It's time to look on the bright side of life. Kidrobot and American Greetings are ecstatic to present the next piece to the Care Bears capsule, Funshine Bear designed by Julie West! Check out the whole lineup on our website in the KR section.

"Gotta Burn 'em All" Resin Figure by Preuvian Artist Italiux Available for Preorder


Peruvian designer Italo Perochena, aka Italiux, started as an illustrator as a fun part of his days off. Then he got viral with some of his illustrations, started selling them as tees and posters.
he has been doing that for the past 5 years and now he wanted to make Toys outta the most famous ones. 

His choice as his First piece of the collection is "Gotta Burn ´em All", cus it was his first design to get picked on a Tee site. 

 "Gotta Burn ´em All" is a parody of what it would really happen if a Poke Monster Trainer would ride a flaming Horse. Well, a little sadistic but fun. 

Name:  Gotta Burn ´em All 
Release:   Pre Order starts Monday 18th, December.  14:00 PDT

Material: Resin and Acrylic paint.
Pics: Attached. 
Material: Resin and acrylic paint.
Price:  $ 79 with $11.99 shipping. 
Limited Edition of 50. 

Introducing Guardian Saga: Aquanoids 3-inch PVC Action Figure Line by StarLight Attic


A little while back we were contacted by Chris, whose Singapore-based company StarLight Attic has just released their first PVC toy line: the Aquanoids.

Chris sent over some samples for us to unbox and check out:

Very cool little figures. I dig the articulation- for 3" figures these have a lot of articulation. I think I count over a dozen points of articulation. The figures have a nautical / sea theme and they are brightly colored, which is a big plus for me. On a personal level, the black and gray toys sort of get lost in the shadows on the toy shelf, so I prefer bright colors.

Chris sent me a Nauticus (the guy with the Cthulhu tendrils) and a Takonoid. Packaging is tight, each comes in a blister tray with a couple accessories and an ID card. The website says that these figures are the "maiden wave of Go!Bud Figurines ~ Battle-ready Buddies that follow you on the Go!" so I guess there may be more lines in a similar layout/platform coming soon.

Also included in my care package was a sweet full color comic book that lays out the backstory:

All in all, a very well-thought-out and well put together toy line release. Looking forward to seeing what StarLight Attic comes up with next! Check their site for these figures, apparently the Nauticus colorway they sent me is almost sold out. These figures run about USD$15 each at the current exchange rate.

These would make great platforms for customizing as well!

Here's the copy provided by Chris:

Guardian Saga: Aquanoids

Introducing a new line of 3” PVC articulated figures by indie toy studio StarLight Attic.
Each figure is intricately sculpted, painted, accessorized with weapons, all ready for

Guardian Saga: Aquanoids draws its inspirations from various 80s & 90s toy-toon lines,
powered with an aquatic flavor. With an army of characters waiting to be unleashed ~
from crustacean monsters to bio-suits ~ come join us in the saga!

Who says good toys need to be big? We Deliver good experiences in little packages.
Currently available in very limited quantities at
Choose your Aquanoid, and go set the world alight!

- Benny Kline

Taylored Curiosities Nomads Mixed Media Pieces Available Now

Taylored Curiosities' newest creation are the Nomads. The first one, Marjorie, sold in 24 hrs and she has added Ezinne to my online store.

Ezinne just loves this time of year. Her favourite colour is orange so the changing leaves really make her happy. She loves to adventure; taking her little baby with her wherever she goes.

Nomads are handmade art dolls who love adventure.

Dec 7, 2017

Natural Pop's Forest Friend Fox 9.5" Plush on Kickstarter (Due May 2018)

Natural Pop, a small studio run by Anne Marie Chua Lee, is running a Kickstarter for the production of the "soft and sweet" Forest Friend Fox Plush. They are $25 each, plus shipping. Each plush is about 9.5" tall, over 4" wide, and sport a 3" tail.

The Forest Friend Fox Plush originally started as an illustration on a baby shower invitation, and was turned into a handmade plush. After consistently selling out at conventions, Natural Pop decided to work with a plush manufacturer to keep up with the demand, and launch a Kickstarter Campaign to fund production.

Company website:

Dec 4, 2017

Dec 1, 2017

9 Days Left to Back Fungisaurs Mini Figures & AR App on Kickstarter


Here's a pretty cool new mini figure toy line coupled with an augmented reality mobile app! We are getting high tech here! Fungisaurs are dinosaur / fungus hybrids!

Just like mushrooms, Fungisaurs spores travel on the winds...

Since 2015, they've been spotted everywhere, from bustling cities to remote national parks across North America, Europe, and Asia. Follow their travels on Instagram, you never know where they’ll turn up next....

Worth checking out! 9 days left so don't wait, you can back and get a toy for as low as $15.

Meet the Fungisaurs
8 species identified so far:


Nov 29, 2017

Fuzzy Puppet Reviews XXRAY Bugs Bunny & Tweety Bird Figures by Mighty Jaxx


We are super excited to work with the hilarious Fuzzy Puppet on a review video for the Mighty Jaxx XXRAY x Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird figures. Designed by our buddy Jason Freeny (maker of groovy things!), these mini figure collectibles were probably the weirdest items that Fuzzy Puppet ever got his furry little mitts on. He kept calling them "CRAZY" which is pretty much accurate.

Watch the video here:

Check out the Fuzzy Puppet Youtube channel here.

Buy these XXRAY figures here:

XXRAY Tweety: 
XXRAY Bugs Bunny:

Nov 24, 2017

20% OFF at Black Friday thru Cyber Monday w/ Emailed Code



We are offering an EXCLUSIVE 20% OFF discount to our email list subscribers this whole weekend: Black Friday (NOW) thru end of Cyber Monday. 100+ items qualify for the discount!


Subscribers already have the email!

If you don't see it, check your other folders (Updates, Spam, Junk, all the places our emails SHOULD NOT BE!) for the email from us. We have a new sending address: news at tenacious dot toys


We don't want to give out this code freely online because, frankly, there are a lot of BRAND NEW ITEMS that qualify for the discount. So we are limiting access to our email list subscribers.


Check the qualifying items here. You will see that joining out list will definitely be worth your while...

35% OFF at Bigshot Toyworks Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday: BFCM17



Bigshot Toyworks has set up a GIGANTIC and RIDICULOUS Black Friday thru Cyber Monday promo on their shop - 35% off everything!

That's like, a lot of percent off.

All you do is copy the code BFCM17 and head over to the Bigshot Toyshop to go shopping!


Four Horsies of the Pocalypse, FUnicorns, Southern Fried Gentlemen, Monkeys with a Gun (is that the proper plural?!) and all their other items, 35% off.


Nov 21, 2017

Martin Hsu Vinyl Dragonboy Super! Set OG Colorway Release on Cyber Monday Nov 27

Super exciting! Martin Hsu, with the help of Powercore, has self-produced a new 2-piece vinyl Dragonboy figure set which he is releasing online on Cyber Monday (Nov 27th). Dragonboy is 5" tall and his trusty canine sidekick is 3" tall.
Official Release Info:

• Purchase link:
• Release Date & Time: Cyber Monday, 11/27 at Noon PST (24 hours only)
• Ships first week of December 2017 in time for Christmas! U.S. & International.

Cyber Monday Release Exclusives:

• first 25 orders- original marker sketch and autograph on box by Martin Hsu
• first 50 orders- FREE Dragon Boy Super pin and small print
• all orders in 24 hrs entered in raffle to win Dragon Boy PowerCore exclusive goodies

Easter egg: A certain toy shop may or may not be getting an exclusive colorway of this set...